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Three spontaneous weather shows delay traffic in Vienna

Three spontaneous weather shows delay traffic in Vienna

Several activists from the “last generation AT” movement glued themselves to the asphalt several times on Monday.

from Antonio Sekirovic

Climate activists in the “last generation of AT” movement recently announced the closure of several roads in Vienna. After several activists blocked Linke Wienzeile on Saturday, the same thing happened Monday morning in morning traffic.

First, around 7:30 a.m., four people stuck their hands on the asphalt and caused a traffic jam. Soon after the siege was dismantled by the police. “The four activists were reported and the mood was calm,” police spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim said in response to a question from the Kurier newspaper.

Next siege in two hours

About two hours later, the same activists allegedly blocked the gortel in both directions at the level of the Westbahnhof. Nine activists were at the site, some of them sticking themselves on the asphalt. The road reopened at about 10:15 am. David Sonnenbaum, spokesman for The Last Generation, has been arrested several times. However, only one person was arrested, and “five other activists have been reported,” police spokesman Dietrich said.

Around 12:15 p.m., Third Street closed within five hours. After several activists reported due to the blockade at Westbahnhof, two of them stuck themselves in the road on the outer belt between Thaliastrasse and Josefstädter Strasse.

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One was the scientist Martha Krumbek: “Today I am sitting in the street for the third time because time is running out. The federal government must stop the destruction of fossils immediately.”

The activists were temporarily arrested and reported. At about 12.40 pm the road blockade at Grundsteingasse ended.

With the wave of protests, the movement calls on the federal government to “make a credible commitment to preserve our livelihoods and therefore the Austrian constitution, in order to introduce a ban on hydraulic fracturing as a concrete first step for all of Austria”. Among the activists was a 28-year-old and 52-year-old man.

“No one needs such huge projects.”

In a broadcast of the movement, 28-year-old Isabelle Eckel criticized the city government of Vienna, saying: “While cities like Paris are turning their streets into parks, Vienna is cementing its best fields for a new city road. It’s 2022, nobody needs such Brutal projects anymore.”

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