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Three times in America: That's Patrick Long's season planning

Three times in America: That's Patrick Long's season planning

Patrick Lange has announced his plans for 2024 with an initial four races. The two-time Ironman World Champion will also be seen in Germany.

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The tournament year is gaining momentum and the season plans of professionals are becoming more and more concrete. After canceling the T100 World Triathlon Tour, Patrick Lange has revealed which races he will line up for.

Three races in America

Two-time Ironman World Champion and runner-up Nice has his sights set on the Ironman Pro Series in 2024. The organizer has four races on the list. Lange will make her middle-distance debut at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside on April 6, and three weeks later she will compete in her first long distance of the year. He wants to compete in Ironman Texas, where the now 37-year-old won his first Ironman of 2016 on April 27.

After traveling to America for the first two races of the season, Lange heads to Germany, specifically for Ironman Frankfurt. On August 18th he will travel from the Langener Waldsee to the finish line in Frankfurter Roemer. “I can't wait to start there in front of my home crowd,” Lange said in an Instagram video about his Frankfurt plans. “It will be a super, very important race for me personally.”

For the World Cup in Hawaii

But with the start in Frankfurt, Patrick Long's season is far from over. As the current runner-up world champion, Hesse will compete in this year's Ironman World Championship. The men's race will be held Oct. 26 in Kailua-Kona. Lange won there in 2017 and 2018 – he could win his third Ironman World Championship title in 2024.

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Before his exact race schedule was announced, Patrick Lange was said to complete a total of six races in 2024. It remains to be seen what the two missing incidents will be.

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