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Transatlantic Correspondent: “Trump Has Too Many Thought Leaders”

Transatlantic Correspondent: “Trump Has Too Many Thought Leaders”


As of: February 21, 2024 9:24 am

If Trump is re-elected, the US probably won't leave NATO, Atlantic co-ordinator Link expects. But behind him is a broad intellectual base that drives his “America First” policy. Donald Trump does not want to support default by NATO countries. He suggests that Russia should implement any offensive plans. Is that his Republican line?

Michael George link: One thing must always be made abundantly clear: What Trump says is erratic, erratic, and unreliable. The situation may change again tomorrow. I don't think he will leave NATO. This may not be typical of Trump. He calms everyone down with his unpredictability.

But we have to prepare for a “worst-case scenario” where Trump does what he's saying now, meaning he no longer honors certain promises.

At the same time, the election in November could turn out differently. We cannot underestimate President Joe Biden. He is a strong president and has already won against Trump once. He is preparing for re-election.

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Michael Link is “Coordinator for Transatlantic Social, Cultural and Information Policy Cooperation” from March 2022. The FDP member of the Bundestag was already Minister of State at the Foreign Office from 2012 to 2013, responsible for relations with the US and Canada. He followed the 2020 US elections for the OSCE as Chief Observer at the site. From 2014 to 2017 he was the Director of the OSCE subsidiary ODIHR, responsible for election observation and human rights. Are a majority of Republicans following Trump's course?

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Link: The Republican mainstream already wants stability. But you also have to recognize that this mainstream is not politically stable at the moment. Because now whenever this mainstream tries to make a deal on immigration in the US Congress, Trump scatters it like a wolf scatters a flock of sheep.

Unfortunately, it's an inventory analysis that leaves you with a lot to think about. That's why you should try to talk to as many Republicans as possible and always find common interests — on the military, on NATO, on defense, on trade issues, on investments, on jobs, and these things.

It is, first of all, right for us that we have now reached NATO's two percent target. But it's also important in discussions with Republicans. Of course, there's no guarantee they'll win against Trump.

Broad intellectual base There are always reports that people are coming together in an organization that is already gearing up for change and that Trump's policies can be implemented very quickly if he is re-elected.

Link: There are several organizations: the America First Policy Institute, the Center for Reinventing America, and the Heritage Foundation. They write papers.

The MAGA area (“Make America Great Again”) has a large, intellectually competent base of countless thought leaders. They are no longer neoconservatives. They are similar to what Trump sometimes appears to be: they represent clear guidelines for give and take. A few names also emerge.

However, it is still far from consistent; There are some differences between different companies. That is why we need to analyze, communicate and prepare for everything. That is what the central government has been doing for months.

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Link: If you talk to Republicans at the gubernatorial level or the senatorial level and especially the representative level in state legislatures, you will hear that, at least behind closed doors, people are definitely thinking about the time after Trump. Conversations like this usually end with “please don't quote me”.

Desirable for younger candidates What does it mean for nomination of candidates?

Link: We are in a complicated situation where Biden is running as long as Trump is running. Trump is running as long as Biden is running. Like a Greek tragedy, their fates are strangely intertwined. This inhibits the ability to update on both sides.

The lesson to be learned from this is that democracy must always work within its own capacity to renew itself. The US has many options in this matter, as they have often shown in the past. But at least there is one for now It's a dead end where the majority of people say we want younger people, but no younger people are running.

Restrictions On the right to vote A few years ago you headed the OSCE election observation body ODIHR. You certainly follow the developments in voting rights in America. How would you rate it?

Link: For example, restrictions that should be taken more seriously include tightening voting rights by limiting early voting in Texas. The right to vote is not formally restricted. But Texas has now greatly reduced the possibility of voting on Sundays or early voting, making it more difficult for workers in low-income areas who typically don't get the day off to vote. It's hard to play.

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This is a move that deserves criticism because the exercise of fundamental rights should always be easy. This is something that needs to be looked at very closely. As usual, the OSCE wants to send election observers to US elections again, which I think is very important.

The interview was conducted by Silvia Stöber,