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Fünfkämpferin Annika Schleu musste den Gold-Traum begraben.

Through the course through tears: Chaos-Ritt destroys Annika Schleu’s golden hope in the quintet

For modern pentathlete Annika Schleu, a dream of an Olympic medal is as good as a blast after a ride. The 31-year-old had no control over her horse drawn on Friday and ended the show jumping in tears with no points. The gap in the medal ranks before the last round of the laser was about 260 points.


Until the penultimate discipline, the Berliner was in the lead and aiming for Olympic victory – after riding she slipped to 31st overall, and Sleo was crying even before the run because St. Boy got too far off her run and couldn’t start until after Delay – things have not improved on the track. The horse descended several times, sometimes it ran backwards, while Schleu’s tears were welling up. Saint Boy had already failed to cross the finish line with Russian Gulnas Gubaidullina. “It was unfair,” quintet coach Kim Raisner stated, looking at the failed trip. Her teammate Rebecca Langeri also lost a few places and was 29th.

Memories of a Schönborn trip in Rio

For German pentathletes, it’s not the first failed run at the Summer Games. Lena Schöneborn also finished showjumping in Rio de Janeiro five years ago without any points and then ran out of the field in tears.

36 women fought for medals in Tokyo. In addition to fencing and swimming, the disciplines also include horse riding and so-called laser running – a combined competition of running and shooting with a laser pistol.