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Ticket Raffle – “Austrian Schlager Girls” at Grill

Ticket Raffle – “Austrian Schlager Girls” at Grill

One of the “Austrian Schlager Girls” Julia Reich is looking forward to performing at the Eventgasthaus Greil in Leitzersdorf on June 7 as she is in the area for the first time. Known from the TV competition “Die Große Chance”, the singer promises a wonderful evening full of well-known tunes from artists such as Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer.

But not only will she and her colleague Akarina sing, the audience is also invited to join in: “Akarina is also happy to invite someone from the audience to the stage, where volunteers can participate in a short crash course in yodeling,” says Reich. “It's easier to sing after two or three beers – that's always a good thing, especially in Mallorca,” she recommends.

Schlager love in Mallorca

How to get to Mallorca? There was “musical love at first sight” between the two young women, which led not only to the collaboration of the “Austrian Schlager Girls”, but also to a real friendship between the woman from Waldviertel and the woman from Upper Austria, who ended up in Germany. Guests of the Greil Event Guest House can expect international collaboration, because although Reich is still connected to her hometown of Gmund, Akarina has made herself comfortable as “Germany's Aussiegirl.”

Even after they met on the Balearic island, Mallorca remains a standout for the two women who always spend a week in the south performing together. The truth is that their paths crossed due to their love of hit songs, because Ocarina initially began her musical career in European dance, while Julia Reich, as a musical actress, lent her voice to Empress Elizabeth in the Chinese version of the musical “Elizabeth.”

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Hits as support for pop legends

At different points in their careers, the two have been drawn to hit songs and have managed to appear as support acts for various big names in the hit genre. For example, Julia Reich was already on tour with Hino, while Acarina toured with Cimino Rossi. Both have already been able to accompany the Nockalm Quintet on tour.

So you can see that the “Austrian Schlager Girls” bring a lot of experience to the stage, but also just as much enthusiasm and humor, if not more. Anyone who wants to see Julia Reich and Ocarina live on June 7 can participate in the NÖN!

Noon competition

NÖN is offering two tickets to the “Austrian Schlager Girls” concert at Gasthaus Greil (June 7). If you would like to participate, please send an email with the password “Mallorca” to the following address by May 29: [email protected].