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“Tischerlkonzert” – Badner Bahn has become an influential stage again

“Tischerlkonzert” – Badner Bahn has become an influential stage again

From the big stage in front of Herbert Grönemeyer to the Tischerl concert in Badner Bahn: Ariel Ohl.

Tim Cavadini

nAfter last year's successful premiere of Tischerl's first concert with Voodoo Jürgens, the next chapter of the live concert series follows this year on the Badner moving train: Viennese singer Ariel Uhl will be guest (rider) on March 15.

The entry point for concert guests is Karlsplatz Station in downtown Vienna. On the trip to Inzersdorf and back, Oil will perform his songs live for his fans on the special Badner Bahn train. Viennese singer-songwriter Ariel Uhl has now released three recordings and is under contract with Herberts Grönemeyer's label “Grönland Records” since 2019.

It's no surprise that 'Oehl' (Ariel Oehl and Hjörtur Hjörleifsson) has already emerged as the opening act for the German star. “Of course it's great to perform concerts in front of thousands of people. But what happens when you perform at eye level with the audience, seeing the emotions on the faces and talking about the emotions, can't be planned.

Auel is certain that “the Tischerl concert at the Badner Bahn is a place for a special and intense concert experience, light and poignant, both musically and personally.” Concert tickets are very limited. Sales start on January 29 from 10am via Oeticket.

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