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The Volksblatt is in mourning: Barbara Stendel has died

The Volksblatt is in mourning: Barbara Stendel has died

First “on the road” and then “in the best company.” That was the name of her columns, which Barbara Stendel published several times a week for the newspaper VOLKSBLATT for years. Because “society” was their stage. No matter whether it's a ball or a press conference, a fashion show or a beauty pageant, a gala evening or a reception, a concert or a dinner – our Barbara is a good figure everywhere. And not just because she always looked absolutely chic.

Because as a socialite she always approached her counterparts in a charming, respectful and appreciative manner, she was on a first name basis with the country's celebrities and was always a welcome guest everywhere. Also because she respected boundaries and the bigwigs knew they could count on Barbara. She built trust in her interlocutors and never abused it, never using anything not intended for publication.

It also led to personal friendships, such as with former regional councilor and current association president Michael Strogel and TV star Sylvia Schneider, with whom she shared a passion for cooking and baking. Barbara's recipes have repeatedly enriched the print edition of VOLKSBLATT over the years.

She began her career in the advertising department in the second half of the 1990s before moving to the editorial team and looking for “her own” topics. Her lasagna and tiramisu, which she happily served to the editorial team on her birthday, were legendary.

On Saturday, Barbara Steindel, born on March 27, 1967, lost a difficult battle that lasted for years. Over the past few decades, she has repeatedly overcome health setbacks in impressive fashion, demonstrated tremendous willpower and (almost) never lost her optimism.

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Her association with VOLKSBLATT and her colleagues was equally wonderful. Until the end, she was very interested and informed about what was happening in the editorial office and dreamed of coming to see us on Derfflingerstrasse again soon.

Dear Barbara, we will miss you as you leave a huge hole – both human and editorial. But we are sure: you are in society heaven and now you are back in “the best company ever”.

On behalf of Volksblatt,
Editor-in-Chief Roland Korntner