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to fail?  Klopp, of all people, responds to the TV pundit

to fail? Klopp, of all people, responds to the TV pundit

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Klopp responds to the TV expert

Jurgen Klopp defends Chelsea after the Carabao Cup final. For him, Gary Neville's criticism is inappropriate.

Gabriel Scuro
Gabriel Scuro

Amazing criticism from Jurgen Klopp: The Liverpool coach defended Chelsea, who narrowly defeated him with his team in the Carabao Cup final.

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Klopp spoke strongly against describing the Chelsea team as “losers,” and stressed that the Blues did not deserve this accusation. This could be seen as an indirect response to TV pundit Gary Neville, who described Chelsea as a “billion-dollar failure” after the final.

Klopp does not want to agree with these statements and defends Mauricio Pochettino's team: “They played really good football, in a final in which no one showed the best football match ever. You just have to beat the opponent and we did that. So this 'loser' thing “It doesn't really suit me. I really don't understand.”

The Liverpool coach explained that he knows first-hand what it means to lose the final and face criticism. He stressed that there are always winners and losers in finals and that no one deserves the negative feelings that come with it. Klopp said: “I can imagine what it was like for Chelsea. Everyone tells you: 'By the way, you've lost the last five games and that's a new record'. It's not pretty and I really felt for them.”

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Neville backs down

Gary Neville has continued his criticism of Chelsea, but has now backed off his rhetoric. “Now I feel bad,” the 49-year-old admitted a day later. sky a. “It was spontaneous because I didn't know what was going to happen in extra time,” Neville explained.

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However, the TV expert continues to represent his basic point. Neville says: At Chelsea, you could smell the fear in the final.