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"Tokyo Hotel" star Bill Collitz: Do you have millions in the account?  This is how rich Klum's brother-in-law is

“Tokyo Hotel” star Bill Collitz: Do you have millions in the account? This is how rich Klum’s brother-in-law is

Bill Kaulitz, the singer of “The Tokyo Hotel,” was a real cool. As a teenager, he took the stage with his twin brother Tom. This is paying off!

When it comes to the most successful pairs of twins in the world, they are law Project And the Tom Collitz (Both are 31) right in front. Your band “Tokyo Hotel” Conquered the world since 2005, already The first album “Schrei” with the world hit “Durch den Monsun”. It sold more than 1.5 million times. More successful albums followed – and the brothers gained new and profitable territory by appearing in casting shows. For example, they sat together on the jury for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2013 and Bill was in 2019. Bai, “drag queen” With her – next to Heidi Klum (47), Tom also married her that same year. According to reports by “”, all this also appeared on the accounts. It’s about millions.

Do you actually know what Collitz Simon’s mom looks like? We show you a beautiful blonde in the video above.

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Tokyo Hotel – Star Bell Collitz
This also includes planning and confidentiality.

Bill Collitz speaks openly about his private life. The singer revealed how hype around his person off stage has become a challenge.

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“Tokyo Hotel” star Bill Kaulitz has wealth estimated in the millions

The magazine estimates that Bill Kaulitz could currently be dropping off a fortune of around € 20 million. If the sound becomes musically quieter – which is inevitable due to the Coronavirus pandemic – the singer should not be in financial trouble so quickly. The available money should really be enough to live on, especially as songs played around the world continue to pour money into the coffers.

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Things don’t look much different with “Tokyo Hotel” guitarist Tom Kaulitz, who, according to information, has about 40 million euros available – regardless of his wife, who is likely in the three-digit million range.

Freedom of choice thanks to abundant reserves

By the way, everyone should be taking advantage of this fortune, including the fans: projects that Bill and Tom never fall 100 percent behind could casually be canceled today. So you will only deal with what really convinces you and hopefully everyone will be. In addition to good music, acting performances are an essential part of Belle’s choice, as is hisNext Topmode in Germanyl “(April 29) at ProSieben.

When Heidi and Tom take a family photo, Bill is one of them. In the video below you can see the beautiful guide!

Christmas picture with all the family: You're back in Los Angeles

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