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Few royals who could be left behind after Prince Charles' royals are downsized

Few royals who could be left behind after Prince Charles’ royals are downsized

Philip left himself only in old age From 96 years to retire. His last official appearance was at a Royal Marines military parade in August 2017 outside Buckingham Palace. Philip’s pension had kept the back door open, that is, as the Queen’s companion to appointments. However, it has rarely been seen in public places recently. He was the longest serving Emir Qurain in British history.

When Prince Harry and his wife Herzogen Megan, He ran away from the royal family, the cry was great. The queen departed in her position, violating royal duties – not everyone agreed with the decision. This is how distinctive the British downturn is Property not at all. In fact, many royal families follow a personal slimming diet for various reasons.

A trend reversal in Europe’s palaces

How to reduce the size of the royal family with decency without ever setting foot, the King of Sweden does Carl XVI. Gustav Offered: In 2019, he decides that five of his seven grandchildren will no longer have to exercise royal duties at the highest level in the future. Children Princess Madeleine And her husband Christopher O’Neill So is the Prinz program Carl Philip And his wife Princess Sophia They are still members of the royal family, but not of the royals – a slight but subtle difference on the road to more privacy.

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