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Tony Cairoly (KTM): His plans and goals for the USA / US 450 motocross

Tony Cairoly (KTM): His plans and goals for the USA / US 450 motocross

The US Nationals kicks off in Bala at the end of May. Antonio has signed with another Dylan Ferrantis, Ken Rosen, Dean Wilson and Max Ansty from another European in Cairoli, but Cairoli wants to have fun first.

The U.S. Supercross Championships are expected to conclude next Saturday in Denver (Colorado). Some drivers, including two European heroes Ken Rosen and Dylan Ferrantis Super Cross Season Stopped in advance to go on May 28th Bala (California) U.S. Nationals To prepare. The US Motocross Championship It will be held in 12 rounds and will end again on September 3rd Bala.

However, this year, the season opener is hosting a special party because nine-time motocross world champion Antonio Cairoli Announced participation. Even if the rumors are confirmed MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings is involved, but it has not been decided. Antonio is sure Cairoli Inside Bala And Hangdown Will compete.

In ‘Pulp MX Show ‘ Sicilian spoke of his motivation for America’s diversion: “I always wanted to start in the United States because this is a fantastic series and the situation there is good. KDM I move a little more. It’s a great opportunity to race in the United States and enjoy time with my family. “

Obviously wants to Cairoli Look at the track conditions and how he copes with the competition in the United States. “The first two matches were safe. If I’m not too slow, I can do a few more rounds. But I’ll start with the motocross of the countries. “That MXON returns to the United States this year on the Reds’ prestigious curriculum மொட்டு. Will be Cairoli Start with the current No. 1 starting champion. “Maybe I should NationCross I will definitely compete in a few more races in the United States, ”the 36-year-old continued.

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“My preparation and training program is not as intense as it used to be. I do this for fun. Of course you have the intensity to be in front. If you are racing for fun, it would be nice in a way, but you are definitely not ready to be ahead. This time I did not worry too much about the results, so I did not expect much. But after five rounds I was not going to give up. I want to finish the races and see where I am and how I’m going. “

And what expectations Cairoli On his trip to the US? “I’m going to start my training a little bit now. But I can not prepare for a season in a month. If I make it into the top five, I will be very happy.