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Top 6 Things to Take to Your Gym Workout

So, the willful decision is made: it’s time to get serious about yourself and start training. A subscription to the classes is purchased, and there is only one problem left to deal with: to decide what to take with you to the gym. For those who go to the gym for the first time, it’s as challenging as playing at the casino online¬†for the first time. Let’s figure out what things you need to stock up before a workout.

Sports Bag

The first thing to take care of is where to put the things you need for your workout. Sports bag or backpack – you decide. For example, if you have to get to the fitness club on public transport, the backpack may be preferred. The main thing is that the product was convenient, compact, but roomy enough, made of durable and starchy fabric. It is better to buy a sports bag with several compartments of different sizes, fastened with a “zipper”, where each accessory will have its own place to easily find the right thing.


The main criteria that sports uniforms should meet are convenience, safety, and comfort. Some prefer modern “breathable” synthetics, others remain faithful to the classic cotton.

In general, the clothes should be true to size, have durable or double seams, be lightweight and breathable. If you choose synthetics, then only special, sporty ones. Besides, pay attention to sports underwear.


The best option for workouts are lightweight comfortable sneakers. For exercises with jumps and work on a treadmill, models with a shock-absorbing insert, which will reduce the load on the joints and provide proper support for the feet, are suitable. Preferably, the shoes should be made of hygroscopic material to avoid blisters and fungus, and with a springy sole of medium rigidity.

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Sneakers can be used only during weightlifting. And from flip-flops, flip-flops or ballet flops should be abandoned altogether: these shoes can cause injury during training.


A bottle of water is one of the mandatory items for classes at the fitness club. During the workout you need to replenish fluids for recuperation. You should have at least half a liter of still water in reserve. If cardio or power exercises are forthcoming, the amount of fluid you drink increases. It is better to have a liter bottle of water. It’s convenient to use a special container for cyclists, which is easy to use, and the liquid from it never spills.

Before you go to the gym, ask if there is a water cooler – then you can count on it. For the amount of water you can drink during your workout, consult your trainer and be guided by how you feel.

Training Diary

One of the important accessories in sports training. It can be a gadget app or an ordinary notebook with notes. Thanks to it, each workout can be compared with the previous one, tracking progress and increasing the load when necessary. Recording the results achieved is a good incentive for conquering new sports peaks.


A must-have for taking a post-workout shower and wiping off the sweat that comes out in large quantities during intense exertion. You can also put a towel on the gym equipment, on which the previous visitor left wet footprints.