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Top: The new photovoltaic system makes the Plabutsch tunnel more economical in 5 minutes

Top: The new photovoltaic system makes the Plabutsch tunnel more economical in 5 minutes

Together with the smaller system, commissioned in 2013, ASFINAG can generate approximately 220,000 kWh of clean electricity that is used on site, particularly for energy-intensive entrance lighting. The highest energy requirements for entrance lighting occur when the photovoltaic system is very productive, that is, in strong sunlight. The lighting should be stronger so that the eyes can slowly adapt to less light upon entering. In addition, the two photovoltaic power systems can also supply green electricity to the Blabuch traffic management center.

“Ecologically and economically reasonable”

“Equipment of our sites with photovoltaic systems is a major focus of our climate protection programme,” says ASFINAG board member Hartwig Hufnagl. “Especially at tunnel gates, PV systems are environmentally and economically reasonable, because the electricity generated can be consumed directly on site.” In contrast: a family of four needs about 5,000 kWh of electricity per year. With electricity generated from both systems from solar energy, more than 40 households can be supplied for a year.

More than 200,000 euros invested

The current system from 2013 has a peak output of 50 kW and has been installed on the entrance gallery of the east pipe. The new system has 144 kW and now covers the roof of the Western Tube Gallery. ASFINAG has invested just over €200,000 including subsidies in this second photovoltaic system. The total CO2 emissions saved by both systems are around 100,000 kilograms per year.

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