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Kielger acquires a third of Ilzer M&H

Kielger acquires a third of Ilzer M&H


The East Styrian community in Ilz will be set up as a long-term 3D printing center. That’s the goal of the Kilger Group of Companies, which owns a third of M&H’s leading 3D printing company, Ilzer.

M&H was founded over two decades ago and according to its own data has also played a leading role as a 3D metal printing company since 2013. Demands come from the automotive and aircraft industries to racing. With Kielger Group International, East Styrian has now brought a first-class partner on board. This is known as tourism motive and invests a sum of 1 million.

Use the synergy of medical technology

According to Hans Kielger, 3D printing is on the one hand the technology of the future, and on the other hand he is convinced of the possibilities offered by the residents of East Styrian. Specifically, Kilger and M&H Managing Director Patrick Herzig wants to invest in new technologies, enhance on-site knowledge and further intensify national and international sales activities.

“In the specific case, of course, we want to expand 3D printing technology. It’s already at a very good level, and it has certain clients, and on the other hand, we’re also involved in med-tech companies, where we can definitely create synergies here,” says Kielger.

They want to position M&H “sustainably and in the long term as an innovative 3D printing supplier in Central Europe”. Kielger also believes that the investment will add another futuristic technology to the group’s portfolio. The company is convinced of the potential for growth in the future, “because there will be no way to beat 3D printing across all industries in the next few years,” Kielger says with certainty.

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The number of employees should be doubled

Because Kjellger and his group also have a stake in a company oriented towards research and development in the field of orthopedics. Herzig sees several advantages in the Kielger Group’s involvement: “We just want to use the Kielger group network internationally so we can continue to position ourselves on a larger scale and grow accordingly. We want to be able to develop this innovation, 3D metal printing. Great.” East Styrian currently employs 20 people, with staff slated to double over the next few years.

German Hans Kielger leads a group of 230 companies active in Austria since 2015 and has bought several industries: in southern Styria, he invested in gastronomy and agriculture, especially in wineries. It also raises exotic game and red deer and is involved in meat processing.