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Topping with wood

Topping with wood

Impressive build

The log structure was planned and built by Grossmann-Bau. © DAV/Hauke ​​​​​Bendt

BSH’s construction of the so-called atrium produces the staircase core in the central part. On the left and right, cubic air spaces were created using column and beam construction, lightening the building with light and air. It allows a free upward view on all floors. The curtained glass façade provides an unobstructed view of the outside. According to Grossmann-Bauw, the trusses and beams in the GL24h are designed to be 24 cm wide and 16 cm high. Only the corner brackets, 24 cm high, dissipate more load. Vertical forces are transmitted via continuous steel mandrels, which are incorporated into the supports by the construction company. A metal plate embedded in the crossbar with all bolts directs the vertical forces directly to the lower support via the central mandrel.

Intermediate pallets are made of cross laminated timber (CLT). Steps are prefabricated and hoisted on site. The cheeks are made of BSH elements. The steps are made of oak. Another elevator shaft was separated from the building by CLT elements. The elevator guide is installed on it, so that the lobby can be seen clearly.

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