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Severe storms shake Spain, claiming lives – VOL Homepage Slider –

Severe storms shake Spain, claiming lives – VOL Homepage Slider –

Severe storms in Spain

Severe storms rocked Spain over the weekend, killing at least four people.

The storms caused heavy rains, gales and floods in most parts of the country, and the effects are still being felt.

Deadly storms in Spain

At least four people have died as a result of violent storms that battered Spain over the weekend. The bodies of two men were found in the Toledo district, southeast of Madrid, one of whom died in his car in the municipality of Vargas. A 20-year-old man was found dead in a garage elevator in Casarubios del Monte.

On Saturday, two men, aged 31 and 34, fell into a ravine in Zaragoza, northeastern Spain, and drowned. At least two other men were missing on Monday, one of them a man who washed up along the Alberche River in the western Madrid district with his family. His wife and daughter managed to save themselves, while the ten-year-old son ran up a tree and was found several hours later.

The consequences of the storm are devastating

The storm brought heavy rains, hurricanes, lightning and hail struck large parts of Spain. Rail services were closed in many places, forcing hundreds of commuters to stay overnight at train stations in Madrid, Malaga and other cities. Many roads were closed, parks closed, and homes and tunnels flooded with mud and water. There was damage caused by the storms, such as parts of the facade falling off and trees uprooted.

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The Catalan municipality of Alcanar was severely affected

In the Catalan municipality of Alcanar, an exit ban was imposed for several hours due to serious flooding on Sunday. There fell 215 liters of rain per square meter in just 24 hours. The situation was slow to return to normal on Monday and traffic in Madrid continued to be affected. Fortunately, the popular holiday island of Mallorca has largely weathered the storms.