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Tornado series in the US – at least two dead

Tornado series in the US – at least two dead

At least two people have died after a series of tornadoes hit Oklahoma. Both deaths were reported from the small town of Gol, where there was also considerable property damage, according to civil defense and police, on Wednesday evening (local time). The search for other possible victims is still ongoing in the town of around 600 people, according to media reports. A total of four tornadoes hit Oklahoma.

About 20,000 homes in the affected area were without power Thursday night due to damaged lines, according to data from the “” website. Videos showed destroyed buildings, covered houses and collapsed mountains. Additional tornadoes were reported from Kansas and Iowa. The Meteorological Department has also warned of heavy rain and hail.

In early April, tornadoes in several US states killed around 30 people and injured dozens more. Then the media talked about a rare “monster storm system”. Experts also say that the effects of climate change are responsible for the increase in natural disasters in the United States.

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