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“Tower to the Future”: BORG Deutschlandsberg Graduation Ball

“Tower to the Future”: BORG Deutschlandsberg Graduation Ball

There was a proper celebration at the Bundesschulzentrum Deutschlandsberg: Fresh graduates from BORG Deutschlandsberg were invited to their graduation party with the theme “Borg to the Future”.

Deutschlandsberg. Based on the 1985 movie Back to the Future, high school students graduate from the eighth grade. BORG Deutschlandsberg Saturday night through time. popular bandAegon 7Playing famous songs – for example from ABBA – and spreading a great atmosphere.

High school graduates from BORG Deutschlandsberg were also in a good mood Bolognese She danced to songs like Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” and then had a wild party in the middle of the night.

A wonderful evening of ball

High school graduates, dressed in black and white, were able to welcome many guests of honor. next to the exit Gerda Lichtberger The leaders of the castes were in individual matura ranks, for example, the Council of State Werner Amon Or colleagues from politics, such as the mayor of Deutschlandsberg Joseph Wallner and mayor Karlheinz Schuster From Bad Schönberg, Youth Celebration Present.

Director Gerda Lichtberger smiled at the sight of her students.

There was an interesting event for the guests of the ball Competitionwhere they had to estimate the cost of clothes for all high school graduates together.

All waltzes at the Borg Ball in Deutschlandsberg.

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