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Toyota steps on gasoline with super batteries for electronic cars

Toyota steps on gasoline with super batteries for electronic cars

The Japanese auto giant is accelerating the production of its own batteries – focusing on solid-state batteries.

I jumped on the BEV bandwagon late, but the race to catch up is now in full swing. As reported, the Japanese automaker in early September Significant progress in the development of solid state batteries
I passed. Many car manufacturers have high hopes for this technology. Solid-state batteries have a higher energy density, charge faster, last longer in the cold and are less prone to fire than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

New battery factory

To drive development forward, Toyota plans to invest $3.4 billion (€2.9 billion) in the manufacture and development of car batteries in the United States over the next ten years. Part of the money is earmarked for the influx of building a battery plant in the United States, the world’s largest automaker announced. The amount is part of Toyota’s electric offensive announced a few weeks ago, and comes to about $13 billion.

long-term sustainability

Toyota Electric’s commitment to the long-term sustainability of the environment, jobs and American consumersNorth America President Ted Ogawa said, “The company initially did not provide further details about the location or production capacity of the planned plant.

The first fully electric car in the starting blocks

Toyota announced in June that it will make its production CO2-neutral by 2035. The car manufacturer is a leader in producing carbon dioxide. Hybrid cars
And hydrogen-powered cars like that mirai
(Story image). The brand’s first pure BEV will follow next year. This is the serial version of the study. bZ4X concept
The Stromer will not be equipped with a solid battery yet. But starting in 2025, Toyota’s first super battery electric vehicles could be on the road.

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