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Electronic motorcycle manufacturer Silence introduces a mini electric car

Electronic motorcycle manufacturer Silence introduces a mini electric car

Spanish brand Silence It has already achieved a certain level of fame for its electric scooters. The S01 and S02 have also been available in Austria for a few months (Futurezone tested them). Now Silence has introduced its first 4-wheeled car, which is S04. It is a small electric vehicle for two passengers, which is mainly designed to attract urban users.

Suitable for narrow parking spaces

Only with 2.33 meters An electric vehicle should fit into the smallest parking space. The two passengers are seated side by side, lengthwise. There is space behind the driver’s seat for luggage, Electrek Reports.

replaceable battery

As with the S01 and S02 motorcycles, the Silence S04 has one replaceable batteryWhen removed from the holder on the car roll It can be folded and with some kind of bag handle for shipping it can be transported to your apartment or workplace.

two engines

The capacity of one of the batteries is 5.6 kWh. S04 is equipped with a 6 kW or 14 kW motor. The first comes with a limitation of 45 km / h and therefore complies with car class L6e. The variant with a 14 kW engine (L7e class) reaches 90 km / h and contains two batteries. in total 11.2 kWh must one 149 km Come.

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Battery replacement system

In Barcelona, ​​silence becomes one Battery replacement network Towing, which means that scooters and e-cars can always have a fully charged battery. Everything should work similarly to the company Gogoro in Taiwan. Subscription to the battery replacement program should only cost €20 per month. The linked vehicle can be purchased without a battery.

With a battery, Silence S04 will be sold from 7,500 euros.