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Traffic light parties want to end the investigation on Friday

Traffic light parties want to end the investigation on Friday

According to FDP General Secretary Volker Wesing, one wants to wrap up on Friday if possible. Michael Kellner, Green’s Director, also spoke of a good atmosphere during the talks. “The similarities are growing,” he said after the two-day expedition.

The number of differences decreased. At the same time, like his colleagues, Kellner said that the three parties do not want to continue talking about the content, but want to maintain confidentiality.

Before that, the heads of the three parties discussed all issues at once for two days. Prime Minister of Baden-W√ľrttemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, said after the deliberations that there had been discussions on Tuesday about Europe as well as immigration and immigration. When asked about differences in tax and fiscal policy, Wesing said they wanted to move forward “step by step”. The three emphasized that the explorations were not yet about coalition talks in which one would go into detail.

Federal secretaries-general and directors now want Kellner to attempt on Wednesday and Thursday to put the results of the 14-hour talks on paper. “We’ll evaluate the last few days’ advice and put on paper what we can do together,” Wesing said. Should the recommendation of coalition negotiations in the expedition round be followed on Friday, the State Council of Greens and the FDP committees will have to give their consent to such talks.

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