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Transalp bike, Day 4 – King stage crash

Transalp bike, Day 4 – King stage crash

Benny Carl and Lizzie Osel tried to make the most of the Phase 4 cancellation and got some great footage for their Transalp documentary.

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DrThe anticipation for Wednesday’s BIKE Transalp queen stage was great for Wilhelmsburg’s Benjamin Karl and partner Elisabeth Osl, but the weather thwarted the leading mixed duo for their fourth successive stage success. Due to a strong thunderstorm and constant rain, the road was impassable and the organizers had to cancel the fourth stage for safety reasons.

“It’s a shame, but it is what it is. Given the thunderstorm with so many lightning bolts, it would have been very dangerous for everyone involved today, especially since we would also have to pass the 2,621-meter Paso Gaviu. Of course, Lizzie and I wished We may have finished the stage, but we will attack again tomorrow,” said Carl.

According to the forecast, the weather should calm down by Thursday morning, and then Benjamin Carl and Elisabeth Ossel will continue with the fifth stage from Mali to Valle del Kizi. The next height of 2523 meters awaits at 71.51 kilometers.

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