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Trips to Afghanistan are closed in the United States

Trips to Afghanistan are closed in the United States

The Taliban in Afghanistan

An armed Taliban militant stands near Afghan protesters during a demonstration. Photo: Hussain Malla / AP / dpa

(Photo: dpa)

An embassy official in Afghanistan who wants to remain anonymous told the DPA that the embassy in Washington and the embassies in New York and Los Angeles will cease to function this Wednesday. Lack of “resources” is one reason for the closures. He did not want to divulge any further details. Diplomats were appointed by the government in Kabul, which was overthrown by the Taliban last August. You have not received money for several months.

There are about 100 Afghan ambassadors to the United States

The Afghan diplomat said efforts were being made to continue operations until the end. On December 30, a message was last posted on the Washington embassy’s Twitter account. It said: “We are working hard to keep the embassy open and to continue our services without funding from any source. We hope that Afghanistan will one day achieve lasting peace.

Citing US State Department sources, the New York Times reported last Friday that after the closure of the trips, Afghan diplomats would have 30 days to apply for continued residency in the United States before being deported. They will not be deported to Afghanistan due to danger. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A quarter of the approximately 100 Afghan ambassadors to the United States have not yet applied to stay in the United States.

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