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Tropical Storms: “Grace” and “Fred” Threaten Haiti and US

A few days after the severe earthquake Haiti The next disaster: Hurricane “The Grace” could hit the Caribbean this Monday.

A strong earthquake shook Haiti on Saturday. Numerous buildings collapsed, including a multi-storey hotel in the town of Les Cas, 160 kilometers southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Nearly 1,300 people were rescued by Sunday evening, according to officials. More than 5,700 people have been injured and many more are missing. About 13,600 buildings were completely destroyed and 13,700 damaged, according to civil defense officials.

Heavy rains will make the rescue operation more difficult

Rescue workers search for people buried in the rubble – before the storm brings rain.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, USA, provided clear and substandard “grace” from a tropical storm to a tropical depression. But it rained heavily on Monday.

Rescue operations in Haiti could be further affected by heavy rains. And the risk to many who do not have a roof to sleep on after an earthquake.

A storm is also expected in the United States

Meanwhile, tropical storm “Fred” is approaching the US Gulf Coast. The National Weather Service in some parts of the Alabama, Georgia and Florida region, specifically known as the “Bonhandle”. This landmass stretches westward along the Gulf Coast. The state capital, Tallahassee, is also in the area.

The tropical storm “Fred” finally moved in the direction of the United States at a speed of about 19 kilometers per hour. The storm’s winds reached 40 mph.

The storm hit Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic last week.

He can on Tuesdays and Wednesdays According to the US Meteorological Service Further north, into the interior of the United States. This Monday, several schools in the affected area were closed as a precaution.

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