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Trump lawyer: Giuliani appears before grand jury

Trump lawyer: Giuliani appears before grand jury

DHe is a former US President’s lawyer Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani appeared before a Georgia grand jury in a criminal investigation related to the 2020 election. According to US media reports, he spent more than six hours in an Atlanta court on Wednesday. There he was interrogated by a panel known as the Grand Jury. A grand jury is convened to review evidence in potential criminal cases and decide whether to press charges.

The investigation is about Trump and his campaign influencing the 2020 presidential election. Fannie Willis, a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, began the investigation last year. The background is a phone call between Trump and Georgia’s Chief Election Supervisor, Brad Raffensberger.

In the conversation, Trump asked Raffensberger to “find” the missing votes to ensure his opponent’s narrow electoral victory. Joe Biden node in the state. Several Trump associates have been asked to testify before a grand jury. In July, Willis did not rule out inviting former President Trump on NBC.

Now television shows show how Giuliani He came to court on Wednesday morning. He declined to comment when asked about the investigation. “We won’t talk about it until it’s over,” he told reporters. It was initially unclear what questions the grand jury asked Giuliani and whether he answered them. Hours later, the 78-year-old left the courthouse in an SUV through a secure underground car park, NBC reported. Giuliani’s lawyer previously made it clear that his client would have attorney-client privilege if he was asked questions about his conversations with Trump.

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