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Trump Real Estate Tax Fraud – Political Offender

Trump Real Estate Tax Fraud – Political Offender

A jury in New York has found the Trump Organization guilty of criminal tax evasion. Former US President Donald Trump’s real estate company has reportedly been involved in tax fraud for years. The sentence will be pronounced on January 13, 2023.

The lawsuit focused on allegations that the Trump Organization paid personal expenses to top officials, such as their former CFO Alan Weiselberg. The Trump Organization operates hotels, golf courses and other properties around the world. He pleaded not guilty and announced he would appeal the verdict.

In addition to the Trump Organization and another Trump company indicted, the company’s longtime chief financial officer, Alan Weiselberg, was also indicted. He previously pleaded guilty. In his testimony, he admitted that he and other employees had systematically defrauded tax authorities over the years. Benefits like luxury cars and expensive apartments are not taxed.

The 75-year-old escaped a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Instead, he was ordered to pay a total of two million dollars in taxes and fines and was sentenced to five months in prison and an additional five years of probation.

The company now faces only a small fine of up to $1.6 million. But the ruling adds to the problems Trump faces as he runs for president in 2024.

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