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Trump rebukes Biden in Pennsylvania

Trump rebukes Biden in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump speaking in Pennsylvania.
Photo: Sean McKeag/The Citizens’ Voice via AP

Donald Trump presents himself in Pennsylvania as he used to: praising himself, slandering others, and uttering threats. He’s avoiding making an explicit statement about his candidacy in 2024 — for good reason.

WIt’s true Donald Trump He will do what his supporters so desperately want was disappointed Saturday night. The FBI did not conduct a raid on his Florida home, nor did a raid The last frontal attack by Joe Biden He has allowed himself the temptation to make a clear statement about his intentions for 2024. “I might have to do it again,” Trump said simply, using words he chose several times over the summer.

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It’s more than just a play. Word may have reached the former president that Democrats can’t wait: If he formally announces his candidacy again before November 8, the congressional election will become a referendum on him. A risk he does not seem willing to take at the moment. However, the assembly at Wilkes Barre explained: Pennsylvania, the mother of all swing states, is the site of the proxy struggle between Biden and Trump. In a speech in Philadelphia, the president recently accused Trump and “MAGA Republicans” of representing “extremism that threatens the foundations of our republic.” Biden’s next appearance in the state comes after Monday, Labor Day in America. Then he speaks in Pittsburgh, as the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia.