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International Atomic Energy Agency: The main line of the nuclear power plant from Zaporizhia has again been disconnected from the grid

International Atomic Energy Agency: The main line of the nuclear power plant from Zaporizhia has again been disconnected from the grid

Atomic Energy Organization team report on a new problem at the nuclear power plant. Russia has accused Ukraine of seeking to restore the nuclear power plant. Ukraine imposes a wide advance west of Dnipro.

IAEA inspections in Zaporizhia

  • Its nuclear power plant Loss of connection again to the last remaining main external power line, IAEA reports on Twitter. However, the system continues to feed the grid with electricity via a backup line, and this has been reported to the IAEA at the site. “One reactor is still operating and producing electricity for both cooling and other essential safety functions of the facility, homes, factories, and more,” the IAEA statement said.
  • Rafael Grossi, President International Atomic Energy AgencyOn his return from Ukraine, he denied his fears that he would not be able to reach all parts of the Zaporizhia NPP: “We’ve seen everything you asked,” he said, adding, “We’re staying. We will not leave. “Six employees are still on site, and four will be back next week. Two experts will now be on site permanently. Grossi wants to report on the system inspection early next week. More on that.

energy crisis

  • Ukraine wants Germany with the Nuclear Power Delivery On the way out of dependence on Russian energy supplies. “Ukraine is currently exporting electricity to Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. But we are fully prepared to expand our exports to Germany,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyal said. Schmihal meets Chancellor Olaf Schulz (Social Democratic Party) in Berlin on Saturday.

  • Gazprom want then Gas is not delivered via the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 More natural gas more than pipeline through Ukraine pumped to Europe. The Russian gas giant announced that 42.7 million cubic meters of natural gas should flow through the pipeline on Saturday. On Friday, 41.3 million cubic meters of gas delivered through the Ukrainian pipeline was recorded at the Soga filling point.

  • The German Federal Network Agency she has Doubt In Russian justification for Gas supply not resumed “According to the assessment of the Federal Network Agency, the alleged defects on the Russian side are not technically a reason to stop operations,” the authority wrote in the Gas Supply Administration report published on Saturday.

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Battles / Military

  • The situation around the nuclear power plant occupied by Russia remains puzzling. The Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow on Saturday accused the Ukrainian military of wanting to restore the nuclear power plant despite the presence of international nuclear experts. 250 soldiers and “foreign mercenaries” participated in the operation. The Russian military claimed that it repelled the attack and destroyed several boats during the operation. The Ukrainian military, in turn, accused Russia of launching attacks in the direction of Zaporizhia on Saturday night.
  • Ukraine is putting pressure on them Counterattack in Kherson region According to British intelligence, there is currently one in the south of the country wide progress on three axes west of the Dnipro. Although this attack had only limited objectives, it may have tactically caught the Russians by surprise, according to a short report from the Ministry of Defense in London on Saturday.

  • In the Southern Ukraine According to British intelligence services, intense battles Further – also in it Innerhodar District. There is also the person under Russian control Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.