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Trump supports the new nominee for President of the US Congress

Trump supports the new nominee for President of the US Congress

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his support for the new Republican nominee for Speaker of the House of Representatives. Trump said today in New York that Mike Johnson would be a “terrific” president. There, Trump must answer in court for fraud in a civil case.

Trump said of his party colleague that Johnson is smart, a great congressman, and accepted by everyone. Yesterday, behind closed doors, Republican Johnson was selected by his group as the new nominee for the important top job. The nomination does not automatically mean that Johnson will obtain the necessary majority in the official elections.

Already the fourth candidate

The lawyer and former radio presenter from Louisiana is the fourth presidential candidate since the exit of his party colleague Kevin McCarthy in a historic vote early last October.

In order to be elected to the third most important political office in the United States after President and Vice President, an absolute majority must be obtained among the members of the House of Representatives present. Since Republicans only have a slim majority of 221 seats, the candidate can only afford a few dissidents within his ranks. Johnson cannot rely on the votes of US President Joe Biden’s Democrats.

Banned for three weeks

Trump’s support for religious extremist Johnson could help him. For example, Republican candidate Tom Emmer capitulated after Trump opposed him. Previously, radical Republican Jim Jordan was unable to win in the plenary session despite Trump’s support.

The House of Representatives remained suspended for three weeks, thus unable to pass any new laws or military aid to Israel and Ukraine. Former Republican President McCarthy was ousted on October 3rd by a revolution by right-wing extremists within his ranks. Weeks of chaos ensued in the search for a successor. Two candidates, John Scalise and Jim Jordan, failed.

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