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TSV 1860 wins at FC Ingolstadt 04

TSV 1860 wins at FC Ingolstadt 04

After a disastrous 4-1 draw against Borussia Dortmund II, Maurizio Jacobacci’s side had to make some adjustments. And delivered the black! Performing convincingly over long runs, TSV 1860 won 3-1 at Ingolstadt 04.

The captain ties the knot

Somewhat surprisingly, Jakobacci changed only one position in the starting line-up: Leandro Morgalla, who had been absent recently due to being loaned out to the U19 national team, started for Quirin Moll. The youngster defended on the right flank, and Yannick Deichmann moved into the double six alongside Marius Würl.

It was clear from the start that the team wanted a completely different performance than last time. Schanzer managed to keep up for a quarter of an hour, but then Marius Würl, who was again very strong, drove the ball through the midfield and passed it to Boyamba, who let his opponent out and returned it to Lex. The former resident of Ingolstadt did not need to be asked twice and score a goal to make it 0-1 (16th).

Double packer Stefan Lakes

The chanzers are now up, but they’re not really close to Marco Heller’s goal. TSV 1860 was completely different: Bär was initially denied by FCI keeper Funk, but, in the 34th minute, shook him again. The ball landed back in the Lakes through Morgalla and Daishman and the Lion Captain sprinted to make it 0:2.

At times 1860 almost got drunk and didn’t allow FC Ingolstadt 04 to develop at all. The hosts were still serving well with a 0:2 lead into the break.

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Cheers FC Ingolstadt 04 TSV 1860
Lions celebrate 0:3 by Marcel Bär

Marcel Barr with the initial decision

Schanzer made two changes in the second half and now wants to act more offensively. However, the Lions stopped this plan and increased the difference to 0: 3 in the 49th minute. Worl and Boyamba organized Bar, last year’s top scorer without a hitch.

Ingolstadt practically did not play attack – until the 73rd minute! Then substitute Testroet suddenly became free in front of Hiller and confidently shortened the lead to 1: 3. Suddenly a fire broke out, the referee did his part by delaying the required double change for the Lions for minutes, although 1860 had to play with fewer players. In stoppage time, Wörl didn’t care about the chance of a 4-1 win, but seconds later it didn’t matter either…

With the win, the lions stay in table In ninth, while Schanzer is in fourteenth he definitely has to deal with the relegation issue.


Lined up:
1 Hiller – 39 Morgalla (83.22 Lannert), 3 Lang, 4 Verlaat, 36 Steinhart – 20 Deichmann, 38 Wörl – 7 Lex (C) (70.14 Skenderovic), 9 Vrenezi (90.27 Belkahia), 33 Boyamba (70.11 Greilinger) – 15 Bear (83.19 Sheetenmacher)

40 Kretzschmar (gate), 5 minor, 10 Kobylanski, 26 Holzhauser

0-1 leeks (16 minutes), 0-2 leeks (34 minutes), 0-3 bar (49 minutes), 1-3 testosterone (73 minutes)

5 5 sounds

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