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Tugners Montana Aerospace launches on the Zurich Stock Exchange

Tugners Montana Aerospace launches on the Zurich Stock Exchange

About 400 million flock to the company by selling shares. Almost 60 percent of the majority are still in Michael Tugner’s possession.

The previous year, he implemented a half-billion euro investment program in Montana Aerospace. “This is the perfect setting to restart the aviation division,” he said. Nothing should get in the way of this reboot. The 400 million should flow into more acquisitions and organic growth. Montana Aerospace produces lightweight components for major airlines like Airbus and Boeing, but it supplies car manufacturers as well. French titanium company Cefival was taken over only last year.

By the numbers: Montana Aerospace has 4,800 employees and recently contributed 600 million to group sales. Tojner’s MTC Industrial Group has a turnover of 1.7 billion euros with around 10,700 employees. The largest division is German battery company Varta, followed by Aerospace and Aluflexpack.

There’s also news from Varta: The group got its first automaker customer for the planned high-performance round-cell electric vehicles – whose name has yet to be mentioned. However, the share rose strongly. Varta wants to increase the annual sales volume from 870 million euros to 940 million euros this year. The operating margin (Ebitda) should increase to 30 percent. In the first quarter it was 29.3%.

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