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For six weeks, agents can expand their knowledge of the six TUI training formats on reservation and service-related questions. Meanwhile, there are great prizes to be won every week – including a raffle for a big main prize at the end of the promotion.

How it works:

As part of the six-week TUI Training Challenge, agents have the opportunity to learn about a different training format from TUI Newsnet each week. At the beginning of each week there is a challenge or task to be completed.
Every Friday, three winners will be chosen from all the agents participating in the weekly challenge and given away with awesome gift bags.
In addition, at the end of the TUI Training Challenge, a main draw with six major prizes awaits all those who participated in all the challenges.

The main prizes – including two TUI trips for the upcoming winter season, four TUI Tour Operator vouchers worth €300 each plus additional TUI Experiences vouchers and vouchers from TUI Cars to book a car worth €400 – will be presented on Wednesday. November in public and was announced via video at TUI Newsnet.

Training formulas Challenges

All agents with an active subscription to the Austrian TUI Newsnet newsletter can participate in the TUI Training Challenge. With this campaign, TUI would like to offer agents the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the TUI counter advisory service and thus be able to advise their clients better and more easily.

The TUI Training Challenge includes the following six formats of TUI Training:

  1. Top 10 Facts: These are the topics that interest agents the most – TUI provides answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions
  2. V Records: TUI provides quick help and information on specific topics in videos arranged in alphabetical order
  3. E-Learning: Here agents can flexibly continue their education and expand their professional skills
  4. Webinars: The various TUI webinars offer a diverse program to immerse you in the world of reservation and counseling system
  5. Service broadcast: Every third Wednesday of the month, TUI provides information on the latest TUI topics in a 30-45 minute broadcast
  6. pages in TUI Newsnet: In TUI Newsnet you will find all the possibilities, advantages and innovations related to the TUI Reservation and Consultation System
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Information and registration for the TUI Training Challenge at: (red)