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Turkish attack on US-shared base in Kurdish region

Turkish attack on US-shared base in Kurdish region

Ironically, the Kremlin envoy warns Turkey to avoid “excessive use of force”. Turkey says it has already “neutralized” 184 terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

According to its own reports, the Turkish military has been around since the beginning A renewed military offensive 184 “terrorists neutralized” in Syria and Iraq. The Turkish Defense Ministry responded to the strikes by air and ground-based artillery on Tuesday night. According to activists, a base shared by the US was also bombed. However, Germany and Russia called on Ankara to exercise restraint.

The number of victims mentioned could not be independently verified. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had earlier reported that at least 35 people, including civilians, had been killed. According to the Interior Ministry, three people died on Monday as a result of shelling from Syria in the southeastern Turkish province of Gaziantep.

Retaliation after the attack in Istanbul

Since Sunday, the Turkish armed forces have been shelling Kurdish militia positions, which the Turkish leadership blames for the November 13 attack in central Istanbul. Both the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG and the outlawed Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK have claimed no responsibility for the blast, which killed six people. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted at a possible ground attack on Monday.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Turkish military launched a drone strike on Tuesday against a military base that is used by Kurdish fighters and the US-led international coalition. Two Kurdish fighters were killed and three wounded. Attacks against the Islamic State (IS) were launched from a base near the town of al-Hasakah. At the same time as the attack, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar called on the US to stop supporting the Kurdish militia YPG. “We remind all our allies, especially the United States, that the YPG is the Syrian counterpart of the PKK, and we specifically ask them to stop any support to terrorists,” Agar said on Tuesday.

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Turkey’s fifth offensive in northern Syria is the most recent. As a result of the military operations, the Turkish army is occupying areas near the border in Syria and cooperating with rebel groups. On the other hand, Russia is supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Russia has also warned

Russia responded to the renewed Turkish offensive with words of warning. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday, “We understand and respect Turkey’s concern for its own security. Nevertheless, Moscow calls on “all parties to refrain from taking steps that could lead to a serious destabilization of the situation”. Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev had previously expressed similar views. Ankara” “We must exercise restraint to prevent escalation of tensions not only in northern and northeastern Syria, but across the country,” he said on Monday.

German Interior Minister Nancy Fasser met her Turkish counterpart Suleiman Soylu in Ankara on Tuesday. He said Germany stands by Turkey in the fight against terrorism, “but the reaction must be proportionate.” Fazer insisted on compliance with international law and the protection of civilians.

The left wants to stop the supply of arms to the NATO government

The opposition German Left, on the other hand, called for an end to NATO arms deliveries to the government. “We must immediately impose an arms embargo on Turkey,” MEP Martin Shirdevan said in Strasbourg on Tuesday. He also called on EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and EU diplomat Joseph Borrell to condemn Turkey’s attacks. “These are clearly illegal attacks on those Kurds – I remind you. Like – who successfully fought IS in Syria,” said the co-leader of the German opposition.

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