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Domino’s is buying 800 electric cars for pizza delivery in the US

Domino’s is buying 800 electric cars for pizza delivery in the US

American pizza company Domino’s has ordered 800 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars from General Motors. Stromer’s first 100 should arrive at select branches in the US this month.

Another 700 bolts will follow in the coming months, the pizza chain said. Domino’s also released a photo with the press release, which already shows several bolts in the company’s white-blue-red foil. However, it is not specified if these are some of the first 100 examples or pre-purchased vehicles.

According to Domino’s, it has the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the country. But: The announcement doesn’t specify Domino’s total fleet size in the U.S. or worldwide. The impact of GM’s order cannot be overestimated.

A specially created map on Domino’s website will allow customers to see how many electric vehicles their state already has and how many electric vehicles there will be in the future. However, the map is only available from the US.

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According to the company, the first pizza was delivered in 1960 by a VW Beetle. Domino’s expects many benefits from the switch to electric vehicles, such as longer battery life, “advanced safety features” in electric cars and lower maintenance costs. In addition, e-cars will provide more opportunities to hire delivery drivers who do not own cars, the report said.

“Domino’s has always been a leader in ordering pizza, and electric delivery vehicles make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve,” said CEO Russell Weiner. “We have committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050, and doing so is one way to reduce our environmental impact – one export at a time.”

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