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Turn message previews on or off in Microsoft Outlook for each folder or for all folders

As a general rule, it is sufficient if you can read the sender and subject of the email, but there can also be scenarios where it makes sense to read the beginning of the email without selecting or even opening them. In this short tip for Outlook, we’ll show you how to activate or deactivate message preview for everyone or just one folder in Outlook.

Enabling message preview is so easy that some people just ignore it for this exact reason. Please note that this guide was created on the current Microsoft 365 Outlook version which is why it may have to be used a little differently in older versions.

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Outlook starts and goes to the tab in the line at the top of the ribbon Opinion. Here is the entrance to them Message preview To see if you click on it, a small menu will open, which you can then use to preview the message for it 1 line, 2 lines or 3 lines Turn it on or off again out of place You can ask You can then also specify if the change is currently in effect only this folder or in All mailboxes It must be seized. Then the setting is applied directly and without restart.

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Author’s comment: This is how you can turn message preview on or off in Outlook.
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