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Turntables - the best deals before Black Friday

Turntables – the best deals before Black Friday

affiliate Black Friday 2022 It is approaching in leaps and bounds, and the dealers are already outdoing each other with better and better offers. This also applies to turntables, which you can actually find in many stores at really good prices. As always, these offers are only valid while supplies last. So get it as soon as you find the right deal for you!

Updated: This article will be constantly updated as the best deals are newly arrived.

The best turntable deals for Black Friday:

Click here for them The current best Black Friday deals.

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These were the best turntable deals this past Black Friday:

Black Friday tips and tricks

To get a successful Black Friday deal, there are a few points to consider. Both Many deals And constantly changing the prices It can get confusing quickly. Our editors have given you proof in a guide Best tips for finding your deal In short so you don’t miss out on a good Black Friday deal.

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Vinyl in trend

It’s been going on for years noise vinyl On – and for good reason. Listening to music on a CD is exactly that something unique. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Quality turntable exist Even on a small budget – Especially around her, of course Black Friday.

Do you need a pickup?

Before you automatically buy a record player, you should Look a little closer. Especially since many high-quality vinyl turntables do without it Pick up Delivered. This has the advantage that you Scan system to your taste can choose. But that also means you have to buy a pickup.

Do you need a speaker?

Turntables need a different connection to yours amplifier K cd player or other Hi-Fi equipment. If your amplifier came with a Phono input Equipped, it’s usually no problem – you can hook up most turntables. If not, you need an external case Loudspeakeror you should choose the turntable that has this built in.

If you’re still not sure which turntable to buy and which one, take a look Our turntable buying guide. There you will find everything you need to know The perfect turntable for you to exist.

How do you find current turntable offerings? Will you hit a product? Let us know in the comments!