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Overwatch 2: Blizzard threatens legal action against cheaters

Overwatch 2: Blizzard threatens legal action against cheaters

In the fight against cheaters in Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment is considering bringing out the big wand. It appears that the company now wants to consider legal action.

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment wants to continue the upgrade in the fight against cheaters and will also consider legal action in the future. But it’s not about the single cheater Monitoring 2 By itself, but a lot about a major online action game cheat provider.

An online action game like Overwatch 2 naturally suffers a lot from scammers, who spoil the fun of all honest players and severely hinder the competition for such a title. Because of this, you want Blizzard to be loud reddit-The user now takes particularly strict measures against the corresponding cheating software. In this case, Rijin is specifically affected.

affiliate reddit-The user posted a screenshot announcing the makers of the program that it will no longer be available soon. Accordingly, Overwatch’s offline “help program” will be cut off. “We know that our customers are upset and angry with our decisions, but unfortunately we have no control over this situation,” she added.

The screenshot ends at this point, but he points out that, as far as he knows, Blizzard has clearly threatened legal action against the creators of the software. In this regard, the developer seems to be very serious about fighting cheaters.

By the way: the phrase “help software” is used specifically because of Discord’s guidelines. The bottom line is that there is usually nothing behind this other than cheating software.

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