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TV satellites are supposed to save Earth from an asteroid at the last minute

TV satellites are supposed to save Earth from an asteroid at the last minute

big satellite tv According to a study conducted by the European aircraft manufacturer can Airbus Super fast and easy in one device asteroid defense shield Turns – it must become an orb on Earth collision cycle Located. Geostationary satellites, that is, those that are In orbit for example 36,000 km Above the Earth’s surface above the equator can avoid serious consequences for the Earth.

Its size is similar to a mini bus – weight between 4 and 6 tons. This makes it powerful enough to alter the course of an asteroid racing toward Earth. However, it would take the power of about 10 of these satellites to move a rock with a diameter of about 300 meters It was avoided over a very short period of time and significantly changed the course, said study author Albert Falk explained to

It is enough to shift a few centimeters

The researchers investigated the following scenario: if astronomers discover an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, all satellites that are currently produced by all manufacturers must be launched into space within a month in order to reach the asteroid at the same time. Because of the collision, the path of the celestial body will be between 2.5 and 8 cm Be changeable. According to the researchers, this is enough to prevent the impact on Earth.

Study sponsored by European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned. The goal is to prepare for the Armageddon scenario in Europe. China and the United States are also working on ways to fend off potentially threatening asteroids one day. The China National Aerospace Center and the NASA want to use rockets for that, As mentioned by Futurezone.

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