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Twitter introduces subscription model in US

Super follow functionality following the introduction of the Twitter service Twitter-Blue. (Photo: Law Book / Shutterstock)

In the United States and Canada, influencers and other people in the public domain may post exclusive content on Twitter in the future. Those who want to see them have to pay.

Microblogging service Twitter is a leader in the United States and Canada S.Super follow function Subscription sample An influencer and other dignitaries such as musicians or journalists can create exclusive content that future users can only view with a subscription. Prices should range from three to ten US dollars.

First, 3 percent of subscription revenue goes to Twitter

Through the new process, influencers, for example, should have the opportunity “To truly communicate with your most dedicated followers” Make money at the same time. Most of the revenue generated in this way should be with exclusive tweeters: the company receives three percent of the subscription fee; From $ 50,000, the rate should increase to 20 percent.

The next payment offer after Twitter-Blue

The SuperFollows function is to be used in other countries after launching in the US and Canada. In Canada and Australia, Twitter launched the service this year Twitter-blue. It also provides additional functionality such as better layout of stored content or tweet preview. The micro-blogging service tries to generate sales with new offers without placing more ads.

In addition to these sales-boosting measures, Twitter will be tested in early September 2021 Security mode, in which users can temporarily block others.

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