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The Japanese princess wants to get married and go to America

After saying yes, several Japanese media outlets reported that the couple wanted to go to the United States. In addition, Emperor Naruhito’s daughter-in-law refuses to pay, which usually goes to female members of the imperial family who marry the commoners.

In Japan, the rules of imperial heirs to the throne, 29-year-old Mako loses his title after marrying Kei Komuro of the same age. The pair declined to donate 150 million yen (more than 1.1 million euros).

In 2018, the couple has already postponed their wedding. The background is that Komuro’s mother must have been involved in a financial dispute with her ex-husband. The imperial family in Japan was subject to strict etiquette; These allegations caused a scandal in the country.

However, Prince Fumihito, the younger brother of current Emperor Naruhito, had made clear his support for his daughter’s wedding last year. However, her daughter needs to gain the “understanding” of the public. However, Mako was not entitled to the imperial throne. It is reserved for male offspring.

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