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Two brothers develop “Excel of the Future”

Two brothers develop “Excel of the Future”

For several decades now, companies have had to adapt to the constant digitization. In doing so, they may encounter flat but static software solutions designed only for specific use cases or strictly defined areas. This can lead to inefficient workflows, especially if each department uses individual software solutions. This is exactly where SeaTable wants you to start. Start-up Mainz has developed a new low-code solution that the two founders call the “Excel of the Future.” It should allow tables and databases to be edited much more easily than before.

Edit tables and databases with a low-code solution

SeaTable was founded in July 2020 by brothers Christophe and Ralph Dellek Prinzinger. With over 100,000 downloads and over 100,000 cloud users, the software has already built a solid foundation. SeaTable’s long-term goal is to be the world’s leading low-code solution that brings tables and databases together.

According to the brothers, SeaTable’s functionality should exceed the traditional capabilities of Excel. Accordingly, SeaTable is “an easy-to-use table and hybrid database that can grow with individual requirements without programming knowledge and can be flexibly adapted to required operations.” You can sort, filter and group tables with a low code solution. There is also the option to insert images, entire documents, notes, or audio files.

SeaTable in action

The German Bundeswehr has integrated SeaTable into the project

As an example of the successful use of SeaTable, the startup cites the integration of the software solution into the German Armed Forces, more precisely into the “BwTable” project. It was started by the Bundeswehr School of Information Technology and supported by the Bundeswehr Cyber ​​Innovation Hub. The project set itself the goal of revolutionizing cooperation within the German army and greatly simplifying work procedures.

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Commented Captain Martin R.V report on it As follows: “When I became responsible for information security at ITSBw two years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and documents that would be recorded in the field of information security, and I was looking for an innovative software solution.”

He reportedly found this through the BwTable project, which is based on software from startup SeaTable. He added: “With the help of BwTable, users can start working on a shared database after just ten minutes without any prior technical knowledge. Little by little, a database application that is precisely tailored to specific needs is being created. Code-free database platforms require no special software or programming knowledge. All changes are made directly in the web browser. “

With its flexible solution, SeaTable can have the potential to change the way companies organize data and design processes.

ServusTV, ARTE, and Wikimedia are also there

In addition to the Bundeswehr, SeaTable has also managed to win over well-known companies such as Wikimedia Germany, ARTE and ServusTV. In addition, famous institutions such as IMBA, IMP, and GMI in Austria and the Vienna BioCenter have expressed their support for SeaTable.

SeaTable enjoys users not only in Europe, but all over the world. Companies such as SAIC, the “Tourism Council” from Qatar and the “Royal Commission for Al-Ula” from Saudi Arabia are also using the young company’s solutions.

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