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Two important points: The Zusevics 99ers make up against the Caps in overtime

Two important points: The Zusevics 99ers make up against the Caps in overtime

The Graz 99ers celebrated their second straight win against the Vienna Capitals and were unbeaten in 2023. In front of nearly 4,000 fans at the Merkur Eisstadion, there was a 3:2 victory after extra time.

Graz / Liebenau. Importance 2 points for the 99ers: While the Grazers are at home against Vienna in over time Winning, the table chasers lost – Postertal against Vorarlberg and Asiago against Posen. Of course, the evening was not easy for the black oranges. The 99ers and Cubs neutralized each other in the first few minutes, and there were no scoring opportunities.

Outnumbered, the Grazers finally got a chance to take the lead. Michael Schechl He takes the disc at the blue line, and starts alone towards Vienna goalkeeper Stefan Steinwhere is the end. In the 17th minute, it was again Schechl who took the lead on the bat. This time he saved Sten with his shoulder. Previously, Grazer had a precarious three-for-four deficit thanks to support from 99ers goaltender Christian Engstrand survived.

Four goals in the second half

In the second half, the visitors led 1-0 with a double majority. Four minutes later, the correct answer was ready for the residents of Graz: Nicholas Olson (28) Sixty defeated. But the capitals were able to deliver again – Hunter (31) Score with blueliner. After the 99ers squandered two good power play chances through Ken Ograjncik and Andrew Jugan, the latter scored twice to make it 2-2. And so he bought himself Yogan before the end of the third (39.) The space needed to move in front of the Vienna Gate and write across sixty.

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With the win in overtime and Vorarlberg's support, Team 99 managed to maintain ninth place in the table.

Payback only in overtime

At the beginning of the last third, the guests get their first big chance, but Engstrand remains the winner against Hartl. Then the Vienna team went through two pressing phases, while the 99ers braced themselves and blocked several shots. With 0-0 in the third division He goes to overtime. The Grazers are clearly the better team here. Logical conclusion: Boorman bets Zintis Zusevics Perfectly structured and the number 10 gives Steen no chance in a one-on-one confrontation. Final score: 3: 2 extra time.

Round 36 – Ice Hockey League

Moser Medical Graz 99ers – Vienna Capitals 3:2 (0:0/2:2/0:0/1:0)
Goal sequence: 0:1 Finkelstein (24th PP2), 1:1 Olausson (28th), 1:2 Fischer (31st), 2:2 Yogan (39th), 3:2 Zusevics (65th)

Will the Graz 99ers make it to the playoffs?

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