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Two new blender tutorials have been released on YouTube!

Two new blender tutorials have been released on YouTube!

Something small: Since digital production was last reported in a Blender tutorial on All the Works YouTube channel – at the time it was about the Mtree add-on, which can be used to create trees (see Digital Production from 8.08. this year) – Two more valuable educational videos appeared. The first is called “Easy Geometry Nodes – Lowpoly Environment Blender 3.3”. This shows how to successfully create a low-resolution environment in Blender 3.3. The second video is called “Let’s Make a Portal Scene in Blender” and shows how to create a Portal in Blender (similar to the one players are familiar with from Valve’s Puzzle Video Games Portal 1 & 2). Both instructional videos are linked below.

Clicked: Here are other blender-recommended tutorial videos from All Works that Digital Production has made in the past.

  • 05/31/2022: Geometric hold with mixer. How do you create a realistically flowing waterfall in Blender – and: why do you need cursed geometric nodes for this?
  • 06/24/2022: Recreate this beach with Geometry Nodes! For Blender 3.1 users: With this video tutorial, you can set up a coastal beach.
  • 06/28/2022: Recreate this picturesque medieval village in Blender! Another great tutorial from All the Works, this time with low-key dream castles.

Easy Geometry Nodes – Low Poly Environmental Mixer 3.3

Let’s make the gate scene in the blender

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