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How safe is the M365?  ||  How safe is the M365?

How safe is the M365? || How safe is the M365?

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Microsoft offers what is probably the best known and most widely used Office solution. In the case of many users, they can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, attacks are inevitable. Experts Explain: How Safe Is the M365 Really?

9 out of 10 companies share confidential information via email. At the same time, 6 out of 10 IT decision makers are personally liable in the event of a cyber attack on the company.

Based on a Statista survey of 200 IT decision makers, in our live webinar we look at confidential information that is shared with Microsoft communication services, especially via email. It also examined the personal view of the IT decision-maker: What consequences do they fear in the event of failure?

Experts, Demian Meeh, Account Manager at Mimecast and Nina Reuschling, Analyst at Statista, provide a deeper look at using Microsoft cloud services for corporate communication.
They discuss the lessons companies can learn from the M365 failures and the security measures that can be taken to ensure that attacks do not succeed.

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