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UEFA cancels European away goals law

UEFA cancels European away goals law

Arjen Robben Standing on the edge of the box at crazy Old Trafford, lurking on Franck Ribery’s corner. In the 2010 Champions League quarter-final second leg in Manchester United, Bayern Munich were eliminated from the Champions League at this stage, the 74th minute in a row. But the ball reached Robben directly, and the Dutchman scored Bayern’s second goal with a shot. The German record champions lost 2:3 – but they still held on after 2:1 in the first leg. This will not be the case next season.

After a long consultation, he did European Football Association The away goals rule was abolished in the European Cup. Since the qualifying phase of the Champions League and European League for next season, there will be no difference between goals scored at one’s own stadium and those scored in a foreign stadium.

Until now, the rule was that in the event of a tie after the two second leg matches in the knockout stage, the team that scored more away goals would qualify. Games in which both teams score the same number of goals in both matches will always be decided in the future in extra time or thereafter by penalties. This was already the case when the rule of extraterrestrial targets did not lead to a decision.

“Despite the lack of consensus, many coaches, fans and other stakeholders in football have questioned their integrity and have called for this rule to be repealed,” the UEFA president said. Alexander Severin After the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on Thursday. “The effects of this rule now contradict its original objective, as it now prevents local teams – especially in the first leg – from attacking – for fear of conceding a goal.”

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The away goals rule was introduced in 1965. In the history of the European Cup, there are many examples of very emotional games that were defined in this way. Borussia Mönchengladbach were eliminated in the UEFA Cup Round of 16 in 1985 after a furious first leg 5-1 – because Real Madrid won the second leg 4-0 at home. Even Eintracht Frankfurt won the small European Cup in 1980 thanks to two away goals in Mönchengladbach (2:3) and a narrow victory in the second leg at home (1:0). At that time, the final was also decided in a binary fashion.