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UHC Tulln – 2 wins in first friendlies

UHC Tulln – 2 wins in first friendlies

Last week, the UHC Tulln women’s team finally started the friendlies. Coach Patrick Salvinger’s team has changed some positions compared to the previous season, but they have found each other really well.

The first test was played in Tulln against Stockerau, which it will face in its first home match of the season. This was indeed promising. The Tulane Women dominated the game from the first minute. The defenders worked with great concentration and attacked at a pace that Stokero could only keep up at times. This was also reflected in the halftime score of 17:10. The second half also went to the home side, who won 34:24. Coach Salvinger, who used all the players, was satisfied: “It was a test and this should not be overestimated, but this is the direction we want to go”.

The test came against second-tier Eggenborg on Thursday. The Tulane ladies didn’t get off to a good start and were a little surprised by the strong resistance of the second division team. Especially on the cover, you struggled to no avail and conceded 21 goals. After falling a bit behind in the break (19:21), they were able to better control the opponents in the second round and in the end the women of Tolene decided the offensive battle in their favor with a time of 42:33. Salvinger’s team was particularly convincing on the counter-attack and in the second wave after the break.

“The team is already harmonizing very well and the newcomers have integrated really well. There are a few players who know each other before, which definitely helps. The motivation is there and the mood is right. Of course there are still small coordination errors,” said coach Salvinger. But that’s normal at this stage and we’ll work on that until the league starts.”

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