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America: Biden and Swift: Campaign Help for US President?

America: Biden and Swift: Campaign Help for US President?

Washington – Taylor Swift is a kind of shining light in America. The 34-year-old singer moves not only the music charts, award ceremonies, entertainment shows and, more recently, the soccer world, but the nation's economy — and now even the presidential campaign. As he did in 2020, heated debate revolves around whether the pop star could again endorse Democrat Joe Biden. And what a result.

The 81-year-old, who is seeking a second term in the presidential election in early November, is more than using a boost with a little pop and charisma. An older candidate has less enthusiasm within his own party. Biden's popularity ratings are poor. And the incumbent has recently lost a lot of support, especially among young people. Could Taylor Swift, with millions of younger fans, be his salvation?

The Taylor Swift phenomenon

The 34-year-old is winning one after another. He continues to break records at awards ceremonies — on Sunday evening he won his fourth Grammy for his record “Midnights.” Swift has a huge influence among her fans and has around 279 million followers on the Instagram platform (Biden has less than 20 million). Swift was recently ranked fifth on Forbes' list of the world's most influential women. In 2023, Time magazine named him Person of the Year.

This person is not only an artist, but also a businessman: Swift's personal fortune is estimated at more than one billion US dollars. Her concerts were so economically important that the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia cited Taylor Swift in an economic report.

When Ticketmaster's website crashed due to demand for his world tour, it led to questions about monopoly control in the US Congress. At one of their shows in Seattle, the ground shook so disproportionately that seismologists likened it to a small earthquake. Taylor Swift's influence is so significant that USA Today recently hired a reporter to focus solely on the singer.

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Huge fan base

Swifties – as their fans describe themselves – are considered very loyal, not only in America. In Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, some of them waited months in tents in front of the stadium to be in the front row. A survey published in 2023 found that 53 percent of American adults said they were Swift fans. Like the artist, most of his fans in America come from the suburbs or live in rural areas. About half are women and millennials — so, like Swift, they were born between 1981 and 1996. Three-quarters is white.

Swift is considered approachable and friendly. Even as a grown woman, the girl-next-door image sticks with her. At the same time, she defends herself against an image in pop culture that harms women. A 2020 Netflix documentary about Swift is called “Miss Americana.” Swift, according to the subtitle, is as much a part of America as Apple Pie, Coca-Cola, cowboy boots and cheerleading. The fact that her current boyfriend is now football player Travis Kelce also seems like a dubious conclusion to this cliché to some. The relationship between the two has gotten a lot of attention lately, as Swift has been at Kelce's team's games.

Wild conspiracy theories about Swift recently gained momentum in right-wing circles after her football team qualified for the Super Bowl. Republicans fear he could use his yet-to-be-confirmed presence at this year's sporting event days away to campaign for Biden.

Pop star and politics

Over the years, Swift has been careful not to take a political stance. But in 2018 he caused a stir in Tennessee when he ran against Marsha Blackburn, a radical candidate for the US Senate. Then-Republican President Donald Trump jumped to Blackburn's defense, saying Swift's music was now “about 25 percent less popular.” Although Blackburn won the vote, poll watchers noted a significant increase in young voter registration following Swift's comments.

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Since then, Swift has repeatedly taken a political stand and urged her fans to vote. with success. After Swift made such a call on Instagram last September alone, 35,000 new voter registrations were counted in a very short period of time. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, said Swift was “unique” and that her influence on young voters was “very strong.”

Biden's campaign team is also interested. The New York Times recently reported that Biden's team has begun talking to celebrities and influencers about possible support for the president on social media, and is actively seeking Swift's support.

He had already endorsed Biden in 2020. At the time, he spoke for the Democratic Party relatively late in the election year. Biden also received endorsements from other celebrities in that election. His inauguration was also attended by several megastars, including Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen — Trump struggled to find performers for his inauguration four years ago. This time around, Biden is likely to get a lot of support from stars, artists, actors and other celebrities in the campaign – unlike his expected opponent Trump, who wants to run for re-election.

Presidential issues

But Biden's need for some glitz, glitz and pizzazz is greater now than ever. He is four years older and has crossed 80 this election campaign. His age has been a constant topic in the election campaign – regular slips of the tongue, mistakes and minor mistakes at public events provide plenty of political attack. The president, who sometimes seems unsteady on his feet, makes headlines with his “stiff gait” and bony legs, and his political career began in a world without rotary phones and the Internet, sometimes far removed from the reality of young people's lives. in the country.

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According to surveys, Biden has recently lost support among younger people because of his stance on the Middle East crisis. His approval ratings among the public have hovered below 40 percent for some time — worse than Trump's at the same time in office. In a situation where polls predict a close rematch between Biden and Trump, the president can only use Taylor Swift's fans on his side.

However, to impress the pop star and his supporters, Biden will also have to do his own homework. During an appearance at the White House last November, the president tried a joke and confused Taylor Swift with two other singers for a few seconds: Beyoncé and Britney Spears.