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Ukraine announces counter-attacks with drones against Russia

Ukraine announces counter-attacks with drones against Russia

After repeated Russian attacks with kamikaze drones on Ukrainian cities, the Ukrainian military wants to respond accordingly. The Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security Council, Oleksey Danilov, today announced the counterattacks with his drones, which he said were gathered in a “Ukrainian squadron of Matthias Rust” – in memory of the German Kremlin commander. Danilo claimed on Twitter that there are already “several thousand drones with a range of 3,000 km”.

German private pilot Matthias Rust on May 28, 1987 landed a single-engine Cessna on the Moskva Bridge in front of the Kremlin. He had previously taken off from Finland and flew under the entire Soviet anti-aircraft defense system. Rust wanted to pretend he was working for world peace. His flight was followed by a wave of purges at the highest echelons of the Soviet Army.

According to the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, the army has been armed with an unknown number of drones in recent months. Recently, there have been several reports of Ukrainian drone attacks or operations over Russian-occupied territories, but also over Russia itself.

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