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Ukraine: Kyiv was rocked by explosions

Ukraine: Kyiv was rocked by explosions


March 02 2022 – 11:26 pm hour

The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was hit by heavy air strikes on Wednesday. A shell landed near the main southern train station and caused a loud explosion – while thousands of women and children were there, hoping to leave the besieged city.

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Kyiv: Russian missile hits a gas pipeline

This was reported by several Ukrainian news agencies, and the explosion could also be heard and seen on videos on social media. It may have been a Russian missile that was fired at the Ukrainian defenses but was intercepted on its way. It is not currently clear whether people were killed in the explosion.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said the missile hit a gas pipeline near the train station. So parts of the city have to adapt to having to live without heating. “The station building has stopped and slightly damaged,” the state-owned railway company Ukrzaleznytsia said.

Vitali Klitschko: “We will win even if it is difficult”

In Kyiv, as well as in many other cities of the country, an air alarm was sounded in the evening. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko described the situation in the Telegram news channel as “complicated”.

“Several cars were set on fire,” Klitschko said in a statement posted on Instagram. “Several explosions were heard in the city in the evening,” Klitschko said. Despite the increasing Russian aggression, the former world boxing champion remains determined: “We will win, even if it will be difficult,” he said. (jda, with dpa)

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