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“Either there is a negotiated solution or Russia will try to take over Kyiv” «

“Either there is a negotiated solution or Russia will try to take over Kyiv” «

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Christian Wierschutz left Kyiv with his team in a small town 70 kilometers from the capital. He gave his assessment of the attack on Cherson, the use of mercenaries and other actions of the Russians.

to Christian Wierschutz | 7:31 AM March 03 2022


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March 3: 7:29 am

Wehrschütz left the Ukrainian capital Kyiv yesterday and is currently at Bila Zerkwa in German Weißkirchen. The city is located about 70 kilometers south of Kyiv. “It is an interesting place, on the one hand, when it comes to withdrawal, and secondly, the Russians should want to make an air landing here in the region, third, because we are not far from Kyiv and we can quickly return.” The night was quiet. Wierschutz does not believe that the capture of Cherson accelerated the Russian offensive, as he reported in Ö1 Morgenjournal. The night was quiet.

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